Le Néon Noir was conceived from conversations between songwriter Dani "Lacroix" McGlade, and producer David Lawrie, towards the end of 2013. The two first met when Dani was the session bassist on Captain Wilberforce’s 2011 album, Ghost Written Confessions, also produced by Lawrie. After the session, McGlade and Lawrie kept in contact, and they eventually decided to create a new project - Le Néon Noir.

Being drawn to the retro-futurism of 1980's sci-fi, the dark, dystopian worlds of Blade Runner, Max Headroom, Tron and William Gibson's novel Neuromancer, credited by many as the origin of the cyberpunk genre, a strong aesthetic foundation was formed.

In 2014 work began on Le Néon Noir's debut EP, featuring HARUKO's first appearance as a credited performer, as well as guitarist J. W. Greenwood, drummer Carl Banks and, for live programming and synthesisers, Jim Atkinson.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Le Néon Noir had to be put on hiatus, almost as soon as it was born. We look forward to LNN be brought back to life in the near future...