Before Ishikawa Media was created, David came up with the idea of Ishikawa Records, with the view to create something of a "record community." The idea was not to be just a record label, nor just an agency, but rather a hub to help artists form meaningful careers in the music industry. The concept quickly morphed into more of a media company, so that is the form the company took, but the ethos of meaningful careers still resonates in everything that takes place under the Ishikawa name.

Independent artists that work with David as a producer will often find that his involvement can span across much more than just the creative portion of the project. Release schedules, marketing plans, and a long term goal are all very easy to overlook - especially when an artist is focused on the creation of a masterpiece. Without a label's backing and business planning, artists' releases can often fall very short of achieving the success and recognition they deserve, if there has not been careful planning from the start.

Conversely, with a label's backing, the artist can often lose out on financially gaining from the sales of their album, and worse still, they may have little control over the way their advance (if any) is spent. We have all heard horror stories of bands having to break up because they owed a record label a lot of money. The business behind how that happens is quite complicated, but it happens more often than you might care to think. Ishikawa is dedicated to transparency, by working with the artist to plan how money will be acquired, and how that money will be spent. No two projects are the same, and the best approach for success has to be carefully planned, on a project-by-project basis.

The Ishikawa Records logo has found its way on to a growing number of releases since 2014.

Dale Jonathan Perkins David Lawrie



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