Welcome to Ishikawa Media - home to award winning audio, music production, and sound design for contemporary and commercial music, film, and television.

Operating from Ishikawa Studios in the heart of California’s Nevada County, Ishikawa Media is run by English-born music producer, composer, and sound designer David Lawrie, whose productions have been broadcast around the world on television, film, and radio. Working with partners who are leaders in their creative fields, Ishikawa Media has created sound and music for multi-award winning projects.





Before expanding into a multi-room recording facility in 2016, Ishikawa Studios was a control room where all of David Lawrie's productions from around the world would receive their pre-production and final mixing. The space has now grown to include two live rooms with a total of 32 analogue input channels, routed into a beautiful Toft ATB32 console. The studio boasts state-of-the-art Universal Audio A/D converters, Logic X, an array of plugins from UA, Waves, SoundToys, Plugin Alliance (amongst others), and many other pieces of expert audio software to balance the warmth of analogue with the flexibility and detail of digital.

Whether you want to send in pre-recorded music to be mixed, or start a new production from scratch, Ishikawa Media has the facilities to bring projects of any size to life...


Whether you are working on a feature length film, a mini documentary, or a theatre piece, Ishikawa Media can provide the sonic sparkle to elevate your production to the next level.

Award winning companies Scarlet View Media, Absinthe Films, and Tortoise In A Nutshell have worked with David to seamlessly integrate sound design and foley into their source recordings to create captivating and unique projects.

With portable equipment, location recording is no problem. Coupled with detailed studio foley this combination can create truly convincing sonic environments.


With a background in studio based composition and many years of experience with sound design, David is a multi-instrumentalist, whose unique blend of musical styles, found sounds, and production techniques has captured the imaginations of a growing number of film, TV, and theatre directors. His music has been featured on radio, film, and television shows around the world. If you require composition for your project, David will work from scratch to create the most fitting musical accompaniment.

If you are an artist/composer with skeleton songs or compositions, David will work with you to craft a unique arrangement that will sharpen your style and make you stand out from the rest...


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